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An eco-friendly approach to the application of sustainable erosion control systems and engineering treatments. 
We provide consultancy, construction, maintenance and environmental services for;
  • Public recreational and transport infrastructures
  • Environmental and wetland assets
  • Land and marine developments
  • Boating infrastructures
Our team members are competent and fit for work. They are  trained to understand their responsibilities to themselves, the people around them and members of the public.
Our OHS management system is compliant and legally binding. It is read, understood and signed by all employees.
We use the 'iAuditor' real time safety auditing system by 'Safetyculture' in the field for reporting in conjunction with paper hard copies of required documents.
Our W/OHS documents are available on the home page menu OHS dropdown.
We promote personal advancement and team functionality through training and willingly sponsor
employees in their advancement endeavours.
We have ongoing works with;
  • The City of Greater Geelong. Erosion control, construction and maintenance of outdoor structures on environmental and recreational assets. Beach clean-ups and boating infrastructure maintenance.
  • Vicroads/FultonHogan South Western Maintenance Alliance. Works along the Great Ocean Road upgrade carrying out erosion control, slope stabilization and Rope access revegitation projects.
  • Dept of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Site clean-ups at Winchelsea gun club (Lead contaminations), Winchelsea Fun-Kart  club (Tyre barrier assemblies) at Winchelsea Common.

Coastal Erosion Control
Storm damage and longshore drift remediation of coastal and riparian areas through;
  • Beach nourishment treatments.
  • Bank and water course maintenance and stabilization. 
  • Re-establishment of native floral provenances.
We supply and install;
  • Bio-degradable coir fiber treatments including eco logs, matting and eco mesh.
  • Gabion and rock mattress structures.
  • Reinforced earth walls.
  • Sand fencing systems
Surface treatments and Slope Protection
We supply and install;
  • Natural hazard protection and ground stability systems for transport and civil infrastructure projects. Treatments for steep slopes, banks, engineered embankment and retaining structures.
  • Reinforcing treatments for surfaces that are unstable or susceptible to erosion. 
  • We use a range of synthetic products where synthetics are required for your applications. 
  • Geobrugg stainless netting systems such as DELTAX, GREENAX, TECCO and TECMAT, for Hazard retention and attenuation.
  • Ischebeck Titan Injection Anchor Systems and Micropiles
  • We provide Ground armour, Soil nailing and Drill and Grouting services.
Beach and site clean-ups
Categorisation, Quantification, removal and recycling of refuse and jetsam collected within;
  • Tidal and Riparian zones, Estuaries, wetlands, Lakes , Rivers and streams 
  • Along beaches and within dune systems
  • Around marine and boating infrastructures
  • On steep slopes requiring Rope Access
  • Public lands and reserves
  • Assets requiring re-purposing or handover.   
Civil Works and Site Management
  • Landscaping , construction and maintenance on free hold, mining and public asset properties
  • Storm water drain and swale maintenance
  • Urban drain gardens
  • Plumbing, irrigation, drainage, storm and flood damage repairs
  • Water blasting and pressure cleaning.
Concrete cutting, boring, coring and sawing
  • Road and floor sawing asphalt and concrete to 250mm
  • Wall cutting and chasing, small and large penetrations
  • Diamond core 30mm to 650mm dia, to 750mm.
  • Rock boring up to 127mm dia, 4m depth
  • Pipe and pit alterations including earthworks and concreting.
  • Slab cutting breaking and removal service.
Revegetation and weed management
  • Native planting projects with regard to local Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs) in consultation with experts using locally produced provenance stocks
  • Weed control through herbicide application and physical removal
  • Fallen timber removal
  • Rope access devegetation and revegetation projects.

Outdoor structures.
Construction, Maintenance, Refurbishment and Demolition
  • Infrastructure installation and renovation service
  • Retaining walls, fences, gates, bollards, signage and waste utilities
  • Shelters, benches, tables, bicycle stands BBQ areas and viewing platforms
  • wheelchair access ramps
  • Rope access Installation, maintenance, repair and demolition of structures near or on cliffs and steep slopes
Plumbing and drainage
  • Commercial plumbing and drainage services
  • Supply and waste management
  • Drinking fountains, tanks, pumps and irrigation
  • Storm water management

Track and trail maintenance
  • Clearing and preparation
  • Drainage, culverts, swales, grating and cross overs
  • Fencing and railings, stonework and concreting
  • Washout repair, rebasing and topping
  • Stairway wheelchair ramp access and viewing platforms

Boating and Infrastructure
  • Boat ramp pressure cleaning
  • Concrete repairs
  • Fish cleaning stations (installation and upkeep)
  • Welding and metal fabrication
  • Pontoon repairs, bollards
  • Gangway and ladder installations
  • Plumbing

Metal Fabrication and Welding
  • Manufacture and Repair
  • Fitting and welding
  • Corrosion control and painting of metal components
  • Installation of sheet metal, pipework, railings and stainless fittings
Gabion and Rock mattress treatments
Supply and installation of materials for
  • Retention walls and embankments
  • hydraulic applications for scouring and erosion along watercourses
  • Stylised Aesthetic applications such as terracing
  • Substantial barriers bollards and partitioning
Reinforced rock and soil wall structures
Slope, building platform and engineered embankment retention systems.
  • Suitable for erosion damage, washouts and gully backfilling
  • Platforms for construction, carparks and roads with near vertical facing achievable
  • Offers economies by utilising in-situ spoil
  • Fast completion of works making these treatments suitable for time critical applications
Marine carcass management
Solutions for dead washed-up animals.
  • Removal and burial
  • Preparation and redirection for studies. 
Sub-Contracting and Labour Hire
  •  Solutions for your manning issues. We have labour crews available fully equipped and trained for remote works.
  • Coir eco products available. geo-mesh and Eco Logs